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Do you know someone who could use some help to get their garden back in shape post Covid? Garden tidy-ups, weeding, pruning, and replanting? 

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Lawn Care Services

The Half Day


1 bulk bag
of waste

The Full Day


8 hrs
2 bulk bags
of waste

Most popular

The extra bit of muscle


16 hrs
5 bulk bags
of waste



1 hr

What We Do

We are landscape management and maintenance partners to a range of private and commercial clients


Commercial & residential estate planning and landscaping

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Private garden construction

currently not taking on any new projects

Commercial and residential estate maintenace


Project Management


Landscape management service

Any Questions?

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Our Work

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Areas We Garden

As gardener’s we’re striving to continuously expand our reach, but we currently service the greater Dublin area. However, if you’re outside of this area we still may be able to help.

There will be an additional charge for any service outside these areas
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Service Areas

The Dowery
Manor Kilbride
Co. Wicklow
Greater Dublin Area